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Best Of Food For Translators

‘Best’ – now THAT’S a tricky word. The Oxford Dictionary of English gives the meaning of ‘best’ as ‘of the most excellent or desirable type or quality’ (was the author a Bill & Ted fan I wonder…), however, what makes something ‘better’ than something else depends on a whole bunch of usually unstated – and often changeable – criteria: the relative importance of which often depends on a number of other – sometimes subjective – factors. Take blog posts for example: which are the ‘best’, or ‘of the most excellent type or quality’, blog posts? The ones with the most page views? The ones with most comments? Maybe the ones with the most Tweets? Or perhaps it’s important to consider a number of such things? …for the sake of simplicity, let’s just brush the issue under the carpet and go with the number of Facebook ‘likes’: [Read more...]

The Emerging Literary Translators Network in America

Being a literary translator is no walk in the park, and starting out as one is even tougher. That’s why it’s good for beginning and early-career translators to band together to network, share information, and help each other learn, improve and prosper. There’s been an excellent Emerging Translators Network in the U.K. for some time now, and now a U.S.-based one is starting up: the Emerging Literary Translators Network in America. ELTNA is now inviting translators early in their careers to visit its website and sign up for access to its online forum “where members can ask questions, seek advice, and share news, events, resources, and contacts with each other, with the aim of spreading knowledge and furthering our careers.” [Read more...]

Is the English to Spanish Obamacare Website Translation Really That Bad?

For many in the Latino immigrant community, the recent translation issues associated with the Spanish version of the Obamacare website have been more than a nuisance. Many individuals have had a hard time signing up for health insurance simply because they’re unable to understand the pages on the website, some of which actually lead to pages written entirely in English.

It’s been called a “Spanglish”-based website, but is it really that bad?

[Read more...]

Online dodgy friendships: Dixit and Proz

For those who have not heard about this little cautionary tale, Dixit is an online translation broker offering appallingly low rates to their translators while pretending they belong to the Certified Proz Network.  They somehow received a permission from Proz to use this logo on their promotional material and site.  Here is the

latest reply from DIXIT after this article on them. [Read more...]

Translating Kafka’s Metamorphosis

I couldn’t believe it when I got offered a chance to do a retranslation of Franz Kafka’s immortal tale of filial angst and degradation, The Metamorphosis. It’s been one of my favorite stories since I first read it as a high school student: the terror of grotesque self-discovery, the sadness, the alienation, that unforgettable image of an apple violently embedded in a back that had at first seemed hard as armor and now was mysteriously penetrable. I read it again, in German this time, as a college student, and then many times thereafter, often in the classroom, shepherding groups of intermediate-level German students through its pages and basking vicariously in the thrill they were experiencing at being able to use their hard-won language skills to enjoy something so spectacular. [Read more...]

Templates and Translation

Whether standard operating procedures (SOPs), material safety data sheets (MSDS), product safety data sheets (PSDS) or mere product descriptions, any company using standardized processes is going to take advantage of template of some kind or another.

Well, what if you have to translate those templates and their content? How can you save money?

Very often, companies will send hundreds of pages of data templates in for translation and if all of these templates are the same, please remember, make ensure that the words in the template are only counted a single time! [Read more...]

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation (yes this is possible and it’s a revolution) are on top of their game: and of google’s rankings, for those who don’t bother looking further down the list. This is how they advertise their company on the Internet and find some very busy … or quite naïve clients. Their choice of words is interesting to say the least, and their philosophy beyond human understanding. Only they have the capacity to translate at the speed of light, day and night, come hell or high water. [Read more...]

Online fishy businesses: Dixit

Translation is the new lucrative industry to be in. As long as you’re not a translator of course. That’s why it attracts numerous leeches or “brokers” who don’t contribute to society by adding value but instead figure they’ll just get in there and take their piece of the cake, because what else are they going to do? Work? Haha. Develop “skills”? Nonsense.

Sorry, I’m already digressing and I have not even started my post yet. [Read more...]