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Thai Translation and Your Favorite Thai Food

Twenty years ago, most Americans didn’t know a whole lot about Thailand. Sure, a few intrepid travelers might have swung by this peninsular nation and experienced some of its incredible culture. But most people only had a vague idea of what Thailand was all about. Thai translation wasn’t on people’s minds because Thailand wasn’t even on the collective cultural radar. [Read more...]

Translation Goals

I always think it’s a great idea to set translation goals for the year ahead.
As usual, I want to improve as a translator, and this means working on different texts, working with authors/editors, improving my linguistic knowledge, and going to conferences. That’s quite a lot to do, of course, so I’ll see what I can accomplish during 2014.
Another major goal is to continue read translations and to think about the work of translators. [Read more...]

How Do You Judge a Translation?

Have you ever sat in front of a translation in a language you don’t know and wondered just how correct it is? Have you ever received a translation you weren’t happy with? Do you feel good about the translations you receive?

These are questions factors that every good language service provider (LSP) takes into consideration before sending you a translation. Their job is not only to delivery good translation, but also to make sure that the translation meets the criteria you expect. It is a fact that true quality is delivering what a customer expects. A translation should be accurate, correct, complete and consistent. Style is subjective and further explained in detail in the text below. [Read more...]

The Tournament of Books, a human book chain, and more

Liu Xia, wife of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, is still contained under house arrest in China. Despite her lack of freedom, however, she still finds ways to be heard, most especially through her virtual poetry readings.

The 2013 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize was awarded last week, with Jonathan Wright and William Maynard Hutchins jointly taking the honor. [Read more...]

Memory and English to Chinese Translation

Working in Chinese and then learning how to translate Chinese to English (or vice versa) requires a good deal of memory power. The Chinese language can be quite complex in its written form. Even if you stick to simplified Chinese characters (jiantizi, 简体字), you’ll need to memorize upward of 4,000 “hanzi” (漢字) characters in order to boast of any real reading or written fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

Japanese and Koreans also use Chinese characters, although not to the extent Chinese do. Japanese and Korean rely heavily on phonetic alphabets, reducing their dependency on Chinese characters, especially in their modern usages. [Read more...]

World of Translation Blog

English to Hebrew translation has a lot going for it. One of its strongest points is that Hebrew speakers tend to speak English as well. That’s always a plus when working with a non-Indo-European language like Hebrew.

Hebrew is an ancient language, in active use today, and is translated all of the time. It is a West Semitic language, which is a subgroup of the Semitic languages found in the Near East and the Horn of Africa (a favorite haunt of modern-day pirates, in case you watch the news). The Hebrew language existed long before the advent of the Common Era (CE), but it eventually faded from general use. [Read more...]

Fifteen Helpful Google Search Operators

First came the World Wide Web, and then came the search engine (presumably to try and make the whole thing more accessible/manageable). And it wasn’t long (relatively speaking) before one particular search engine proved to be the one to watch (and use): Google. Google has inadvertently revolutionized the way we work – we use it to find definitions, names of proper nouns and check context, research companies, prospective clients and colleagues… the list goes on and one and on. So it makes sense to learn how to google* for things efficiently and effectively. On the simplest level, effective googling translates to knowing what to type into Google in order to find the most relevant information you’re looking for – something that can often be achieved much more easily by employing a few basic Google search operators. [Read more...]

Bulk versus premium translation: insight from Chris Durban

What is bulk translation? Is there a sizable market for premium translation? How does this affect me as a translator?

Last week I had the chance to think about these questions at a presentation by translator and speaker, Chris Durban, on “Bulk versus premium translation – what this means for you”. The presentation was in Wellington, New Zealand, for theNew Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters. [Read more...]

Translation Services in California: Spanish and Beyond

If you’ve ever spent any time in California, especially in Southern California, you’ve probably come across a fair amount of Spanish. If you live in California, chances are you might even speak some Spanish to some degree, or perhaps the “language of Castile” is actually your native tongue.

With city and town names like Los Angeles, Modesto, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa, California’s connection with Mexican and Spanish history is clear to see. Even the word California itself, which comes from the Spanish name for an imaginary island full of mythological Amazonian women as detailed in the novel The Adventures of Esplandián, harkens backs to Spanish language literature. [Read more...]