The Wonderfully Blurry World of Accurate Language Translation

Some of us like the world to be black and white, framed by clean, straight lines, and well organized with obvious meanings and distinct boundaries. So when it comes to human language, we’re out of luck. We might think that terms mean exactly what they mean and nothing else. We might act as if what we heard is exactly what was said and vice-versa, with no misunderstanding. We might act like that, but it’s just not so. [Read more...]

Talk to the World with Phone Translation Services

Properly named or not, so-called phone translation services represent an already large and rapidly growing share of the language translation industry. The ease of use and real-time solutions they offer bring the entire world within reach of your desk and connect markets historically separated by geography and communication barriers. For minimal cost, today’s professionals can speak to associates, clients, customers, suppliers, and contractors via three-party calls with qualified interpreters rendering even the most arcane English in native, fluent speech. [Read more...]

Interpreting Equipment: Video or Voice? (A First World Problem)

I have lived long enough that I regularly encounter issues that could not have occurred during most of my life. For instance, sometimes I feel like Pandora doesn’t even know me. For another instance, what should I do in those awkward situations when there’s a really great saying on someone’s Facebook page but I don’t like the person well enough to like their posts? [Read more...]