Recent Trends in Medical Translation and Interpretation Services

Medical translation and interpreting services are absolutely essential in the healthcare industry. In this day and age, we are increasingly connected to the global community. As a result, the healthcare industry is faced with the reality that immigrants and tourists who are not fluent in the language native to the country in question still must have access to healthcare.  Medical translation services make that possible. [Read more...]

Shades of Grey in Language Translation

We live in a world driven by facts, figures, and the pursuit of perfect science. It would be simple to assume that all products and services should fit neatly under this umbrella as well. After all, even sacred art forms such as music, painting, and photography have been reduced to mathematically designed pixels and contrived waveform production. Still, a true art aficionado can spot the difference between a graphic design and the freehand interpretation of an artist. No matter how much science attempts to create a black and white world, there will always exist the shades of grey created by human cognition. [Read more...]

Testing Google Translate app with Financial Times

This app is helpful when comes to basic expressions and moving around a city you don’t know, to a similar extent a phrasebook with pronunciation would work, but it saves you the trouble of pronouncing the text yourself. A significant improvement lies in the fact that the app can also capture what the other person says in a foreign language and translate it for you. However, all of this only works if we’re talking about the literal meaning of words, at a dictionary level. [Read more...]

Three Misconceptions About Accurate Language Translation

With the globalization of the modern economy, professionals in all industries have grown accustomed to working in a multilingual world. The use of translation services to connect markets and bridge the divides of the past is a commonplace business practice. Translation is such a common component of international business that today’s professionals have come to expect accurate language translation practically on demand. With that expectation, certain myths and misunderstandings have grown up around the translation industry. [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Your Translation Firm Wants You to Know the Difference Between Interpreting and Translation

People who work with languages often have to explain to non-professionals the differences between interpreting and translation. Here are three reasons why your translation firm (and translation firms in general) would like you to be aware of the distinctions that exist between translation and interpreting. [Read more...]