Why Accurate Language Translation is So Uncommon on the Web

We’ve all seen it before: a website launches in English and Spanish, but the Spanish version is rife with bad translations that seem computer generated. It’s an easy and understandable failing. The computerized world promises us more than it can deliver, but we gullible lot are all too willing to take the computer at its word. If we put in some English and it puts out something we don’t understand, well it must be a translation, right? [Read more...]

World Lit for Children

Many people have told me that children are essentially conservative readers and that they don’t want to read about people from other countries. That definitely hasn’t been my experience. In fact, I think children are curious and interested in the world beyond their homes and their countries. [Read more...]

Phone Interpretation: Quick and Easy

Are you confused by phone interpretation? Don’t be. It’s as simple as placing a conference call and can make your business communication easier.

Have you ever used the self-checkout at the grocery store? I remember the first time I used it, and how confused and even nervous I was. But it turned out to be really simple and much faster than waiting in line for the conventional checkout. [Read more...]

Crowdfunding Translations

Crowdfunding and sponsoring are major trends these days. They seem to be ways of avoiding big companies, or minimizing stress, or trying out more unusual or avant-garde projects, or to help pay for things that otherwise wouldn’t get paid for. I’ve helped sponsor a book, for example, and I’ve heard of crowdfunding for clothing lines, films, performance art, and even funerals. [Read more...]

What Counts as an Official Document Translation?

For quality translation companies, all translations matter. Even the simplest job is important and sometimes the seemingly easy translations are in fact the most difficult. Short texts including marketing materials, brochures, advertisements, and others often contain the most idiomatic expressions, the most metaphorical language, and in all other ways the most difficult phrases to translate. Getting those things right is important to any translation company worth doing business with. [Read more...]

Certified Document Translation for Legal and Other Purposes

Most document translation involves translating proprietary materials – instructions for use, marketing materials, product descriptions, and other generic text. Translating such materials is like translating anything else; it involves specialized skills in two languages and a deep understanding of the target audience in order to convey meaning with all the subtlety and complexity of any language. [Read more...]

Document Translation Services for Newly Diverse Communities

On a recent trip to Amarillo, Texas, I noted a newly opened Thai and sushi restaurant on a street corner in the heart of town. Amarillo’s not the sort of place one would historically have found a whole passel of sushi restaurants, nor any restaurant that didn’t include on its menu a chicken-fried steak combo. I love Amarillo. I love sushi. Discovering the latter in the middle of the former was a banner moment in my life. [Read more...]

Talking to Cuba with Over-the-Phone Translation Services

With the restoration of official relations between the United States and Cuba, full trade relations between the two countries are now inevitable. The opening of US-Cuban trade is, on the one hand, closing a narrow span of ocean. But, on the other hand, it is also closing a chasm more than half a century wide, a gap that separates the countries by era and ideology, as well as language. [Read more...]