Travod and how to win your client’s trust: nice pics of skyscrapers, dogs, and a few phony addresses

ome readers of my blacklist have suggested that companies should be categorised better rather than be simply listed alphabetically. My criteria for now is just who I would not work for and why. They suggest I should classify them by country, and separate bad payers, from non-payers and low payers. This sounds like a great idea and I have studied that possibility but found it is not very practical to start such categories, because some people belong to all of them and there would be repeats.  [Read more...]

A Tour of the NYPL Stacks

Yesterday I was invited to tour the stacks at the 42nd Street Library as part of a delegation from the PEN American Center, which the NYPL is hoping to win over to its cause. The purpose of the tour was to convince us that the demolition of the stacks is necessary and a contribution to service and scholarship. What I saw convinced me of the opposite.  [Read more...]

Thai Translation and Your Favorite Thai Food

Twenty years ago, most Americans didn’t know a whole lot about Thailand. Sure, a few intrepid travelers might have swung by this peninsular nation and experienced some of its incredible culture. But most people only had a vague idea of what Thailand was all about. Thai translation wasn’t on people’s minds because Thailand wasn’t even on the collective cultural radar. [Read more...]

The Tournament of Books, a human book chain, and more

Liu Xia, wife of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, is still contained under house arrest in China. Despite her lack of freedom, however, she still finds ways to be heard, most especially through her virtual poetry readings.

The 2013 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize was awarded last week, with Jonathan Wright and William Maynard Hutchins jointly taking the honor. [Read more...]