Why You Should Avoid Using a Machine for Document Language Translation

As technology progresses, so too does the amount of online document language translation software, or machine translation, that hits the market. Indeed, there are countless different options out there for those who are trying to translate documents for either business or personal reasons, all of which seem to claim that they’re the “best” at what they do. But are any of these applications worth using? [Read more...]

On-site and Telephone Interpreter Service Bill May Be a Game-Changer

California is known as a culturally diverse state. Close to 7 million residents admit to speaking little to no English, and the Spanish-speaking population is exceptionally high in comparison to other states in America. Even so, the state has a myriad of issues regarding interpretation services for residents, and the medical industry is perhaps one of the most affected by these problems. Soon, this could all change, as a new medical interpreters bill is moving forward. [Read more...]

Language Translation Blunders in the Film Industry

For those who are huge into film, there’s a very good chance of encountering foreign movies at least every once in a while. Some of the best films ever made are international, after all, many of which are either dubbed into English or come along with subtitles. Are these helpful to the viewer, or do they cause more of a sense of distraction than anything else?  [Read more...]

Personal Document Translation and Marriage Licenses

Love knows no international boundaries. Perhaps you’re married to, or are planning to marry someone from a different country or culture. Maybe you have friends who met their life partners while living overseas. Regardless of the reasons, love should prevail — as long as the people involved know a little something about personal document translation and obtaining a marriage license. [Read more...]

Little-big cultural differences

It’s always fun to hear of the tiny, non-serious quibbles one cultural group has about another. Particularly if you’re watching the clash unfold in person. The looks of confusion on both sets of faces is priceless! And they’re good reminders to never take yourself, or your habits and expectations, too seriously. [Read more...]

Dutch Language Translation and the Craft Beer Industry

If you pay close attention to how the craft beer industry in America has expanded and grown over the course of the past two decades, there’s no arguing the fact that we’re currently living in a golden age for brewing. Gone are the days in which beer was a watery, tasteless substance preferred by college students and reserved for wild parties. Beer is quickly catching up on wine in terms of sophistication, with extensive lists popping up on menus in some of the world’s finest restaurants. While various countries are joining in on the party, the Dutch are currently brewing some of the world’s best beers. [Read more...]