Town of Love

This review was originally published in Wales Arts Review. It’s worth republishing here not just because it’s about an interesting book in translation but also because the story of the book’s translation is intriguing in and of itself! [Read more...]

French Language Translation and Great Food

French food, while not as widespread as Italian or Mexican, is famous for being very tasty. Sure, French wines are known the world over, but the baked, grilled, and sautéed goods coming from France are just as good. French language translation is important when talking about French food outside of France, especially since many Anglophones aren’t all that familiar with French-language food terms. [Read more...]

Greek Language Translation and Restaurants in America

For those who consider themselves to be gourmands, a trip to Greece is often at the top of the to-do list. Traveling the globe isn’t always a possibility, however, especially for those who can’t take time away from the office. Fortunately, there are countless restaurants located in America that serve great, authentic Greek food. Greek language translation isn’t always as easy as many people think, however, and it’s important to understand at least some Greek if you want to get the most out of eating Greek food.  [Read more...]

Afrikaans Translation and Slang

Afrikaans is a language that has borrowed words from all over the planet. Any language with such a rich lexicon is bound to have an awful lot of slang thrown into the mix, and Afrikaans is no exception to this rule. This is an important fact to take into consideration when looking at Afrikaans translation. [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Business Needs Interpreter Services by Phone

For many business owners, the notion of needing interpreter services by phone seems implausible. As businesses grow, however, so too do their audiences. Eventually, the need to take business overseas or make a different move that requires hiring a telephone interpreter can creep up faster than most people realize. In such a scenario, it’s not uncommon to feel confused about what to do. [Read more...]

On-site and Telephone Interpreter Service Bill May Be a Game-Changer

California is known as a culturally diverse state. Close to 7 million residents admit to speaking little to no English, and the Spanish-speaking population is exceptionally high in comparison to other states in America. Even so, the state has a myriad of issues regarding interpretation services for residents, and the medical industry is perhaps one of the most affected by these problems. Soon, this could all change, as a new medical interpreters bill is moving forward. [Read more...]