Welcome to Translation Ethics!

This website is intended to keep track of the multiple online agencies and identify quickly what to expect from some of them, regarding quality and pay.
It serves as a useful ressource for translators looking to hear more about agencies before they sign anything or accept a contract as well as for translation buyers who are not familiar with the industry and wish to carefully select translators for their project. [Read more...]

Ethics and Translation

This is kind of a silly topic, but is something that many people never think of. Have you ever thought of the challenges faced when translating controversial topics? (e.g. military equipment, pornography ,or the mass breeding of chickens). If your translations project entails translating such subject matter, it is wise to be extra careful and plan some extra time. [Read more...]

Online dodgy friendships: Dixit and Proz

For those who have not heard about this little cautionary tale, Dixit is an online translation broker offering appallingly low rates to their translators while pretending they belong to the Certified Proz Network.  They somehow received a permission from Proz to use this logo on their promotional material and site.  Here is the

latest reply from DIXIT after this article on them. [Read more...]

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation (yes this is possible and it’s a revolution) are on top of their game: and of google’s rankings, for those who don’t bother looking further down the list. This is how they advertise their company on the Internet and find some very busy … or quite naïve clients. Their choice of words is interesting to say the least, and their philosophy beyond human understanding. Only they have the capacity to translate at the speed of light, day and night, come hell or high water. [Read more...]