Words That Stump Translators and Language Translation Agencies

Good translators working for reputable language translation agencies employ their education, life experience, and on occasion, a heavy dose of creativity when they work on translations. Why creativity, you may ask? Well, phrasing and syntax can change significantly from one language to another. More importantly, sometimes translators come across words that don’t have a direct equivalent in the target language. [Read more...]

Macchio: the Gathering

We’ve been plucking along with the translation over the past several months, though the blog updates have been infrequent. We’ve recently come up with a new work schedule, and it’s been a more productive process so far. Many thanks again to our head translator, Justin, for all his fine work. We’ve also started a Twitter account, @SegagagaEng, so we can update on a more regular, bite-sized basis. [Read more...]

Scary technology: what lawyers and translators have in common

I recently sat in on a conference call offered occasionally by theAntitrust Section of the American Bar Association to discuss developments in e-discovery. The general reaction I heard from lawyers about e-discovery—meaning, the use of technology to sift through mountains of documents for the few that may be relevant to a particular case—can be summed up in one word: suspicion. Sound familiar? [Read more...]