Transperfect’s redefinition of proofreading

There was so much to say about the translation agency Transperfect that I decided to create a special entry for them. The complaints from translators seem endless. As a matter of fact, this company has very unethical methods and its business model seems to revolve solely on the systematic exploitation of its translators, who get paid under 4 cents per word. Their greediness knows no bounds and they have made a huge fortune finding ingenuous new ways to pay their contractors less. Even ProZ Blue Board cannot manage to salvage TP’s reputation as the “likelihood of working again” earned by TransPerfect from its translators between January 2009 and the present is barely 24%. They even sometimes go as far as banning them. What on earth do they do to deserve such radical measures from such an unselective portal? It appears that in fact, they sometimes have trouble paying their translators. [Read more...]

“Latino” or “Hispanic” — Does it Matter for English to Spanish Translation?

It’s a common question among those who are new to or are interested in English to Spanish translation: Can words like “Hispanic” and “Latino” be used interchangeably, or are these two completely different terms? According to a recent poll, the differences may be less prominent than most people think. [Read more...]

Translation Services in California: Spanish and Beyond

If you’ve ever spent any time in California, especially in Southern California, you’ve probably come across a fair amount of Spanish. If you live in California, chances are you might even speak some Spanish to some degree, or perhaps the “language of Castile” is actually your native tongue.

With city and town names like Los Angeles, Modesto, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa, California’s connection with Mexican and Spanish history is clear to see. Even the word California itself, which comes from the Spanish name for an imaginary island full of mythological Amazonian women as detailed in the novel The Adventures of Esplandián, harkens backs to Spanish language literature. [Read more...]

Do you have to blog to market your translation business successfully?

In the recent years, you might’ve noticed an explosion of blogs written by translators. It feels like there’s a new one launching almost every day. I write mine quite regularly as well. All this may lead to some confusion and perhaps even a feeling of being behind if you don’t write a blog, for a change. This is precisely the reason why one of my students asked me, quite frankly, if blogging is necessary to market her translation business successfully. Let’s look at what arguments she put forward and how I replied. [Read more...]

A translator’s business plan

This month we looked at how freelancers can make the most of business planning through SMART goals, writing everything down and carefully selecting how and when to write. In the last post under this topic, I’d like to discuss what sections you may want to include in your business plan – of course if you decide you need one – and how to come up with a good structure. [Read more...]

The Emerging Literary Translators Network in America

Being a literary translator is no walk in the park, and starting out as one is even tougher. That’s why it’s good for beginning and early-career translators to band together to network, share information, and help each other learn, improve and prosper. There’s been an excellent Emerging Translators Network in the U.K. for some time now, and now a U.S.-based one is starting up: the Emerging Literary Translators Network in America. ELTNA is now inviting translators early in their careers to visit its website and sign up for access to its online forum “where members can ask questions, seek advice, and share news, events, resources, and contacts with each other, with the aim of spreading knowledge and furthering our careers.” [Read more...]

Online fishy businesses: Dixit

Translation is the new lucrative industry to be in. As long as you’re not a translator of course. That’s why it attracts numerous leeches or “brokers” who don’t contribute to society by adding value but instead figure they’ll just get in there and take their piece of the cake, because what else are they going to do? Work? Haha. Develop “skills”? Nonsense.

Sorry, I’m already digressing and I have not even started my post yet. [Read more...]