Polish businesses in the UK! Do you want to find more English-speaking clients?

In part 2 of this series, I’m looking at Polish businesses in the UK that are interested in finding more English-speaking clients. Increasingly, more and more Polish businesses in the UK are interested in reaching out and finding clients not only among Polish nationals, but also across other migrant communities, who often communicate speaking English. [Read more...]

How to Decide if Interpretation Companies Are Right for Your Business

The world is made up of all kinds of people speaking many different languages. If you or your company does business outside of the United Sates, or even with different types of communities in the US that might speak languages at home other than English, interpretation companies could be very important to your current and future business growth. [Read more...]

How a Language Translation Service Can Make Your Business Grow

We live in an interconnected world. Modern modes of transportation and lightning-fast communication mean that our interconnectedness is only set to increase. Sure, isolated pockets of humanity here and there will remain or flare up from time to time. Even so, any industry that wants to grow internationally (or even domestically) will have to know how to utilize a language translation service in order to make business growth a reality. [Read more...]

4 Reasons You Need Professional Language Translation for Your Website

Like any other business decision, determining whether to translate your website includes cost and benefit considerations. If your primary market is non-English speaking, the decision makes itself. But perhaps you’re still missing markets you could be reaching. If you’re on the fence, here are a few reasons why you might need a professional language translation of your online content. [Read more...]

Why Outsource Multilingual Translation Services?

In an age where translation is more important than ever, businesses are setting their sights on improving the ways they handle their translation needs. For years, many companies have used machine translation and/or completed jobs in-house, typically with hopes of saving money and time. But as the world becomes increasingly interconnected via modern technology, outsourcing is clearly proving to be the best route to take.  [Read more...]