The Right Questions to Ask When Hiring Language Interpreting Agencies

Language interpreting involves converting words or expressions from one language into words or expressions with the same meaning in a different language. The services of interpreting agencies are often needed in business settings for meetings and conferences, in the legal field for depositions and court hearings, or in the medical field for office appointments and hospital visits. [Read more...]

MedTranslate Conference October 2014

MedTranslate, an international conference for medical & pharma translation professionals, will be held on 4-5 October 2014 in Freiburg, Germany. It’s being organised by The Alexandria Project andGxP Language Services. This is a quick post about the conference in case anyone wants to register today, Monday 21 July (until midnight CEST) at the early-bird price, before regular pricing kicks in tomorrow. [Read more...]

CPD for translators: upcoming translation conferences

I just love being a freelance translator. I love the flexibility, creativity and intellectual challenge of translation. But sometimes I miss spending time with my colleagues. Like you, dear reader – I miss spending time with you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few days together to learn from each other, share our enthusiasm and exchange ideas? It certainly would! Here’s a list of upcoming translation conferences where we can all do exactly that. [Read more...]

3 Situations That Might Call for Local Interpreter Services

Your company needs the skills of a professional interpreter fast. Of course it’s always better to plan these things out beforehand, but sometimes that’s not possible. Now, the responsibility has fallen upon you. What can you do? Here are three situations you might find yourself in along with suggestions that will help you find local interpreter services in a jiffy. [Read more...]

Round-Up of Articles

I love Oliver Burkeman’s weekly column in the Guardian (and his two books based on the column). A recent column was on writing. He notes: “It’s the writer and reader, side by side, scanning the landscape. The reader wants to see; your job is to do the pointing.” [Read more...]

Upcoming online courses for freelancers

The next sessions of my online courses start on August 20 (Beyond the Basics of Freelancing) and September 24 (Getting Started as a Freelance Translator). Getting Started is for students who want to launch and run a successful freelance business, and Beyond the Basics is for students who have established freelance businesses. Each class is four weeks long and consists of four lessons on which you get individual feedback from me, plus a weekly question-and-answer conference call for the whole class. Additionally, students in Beyond the Basics get a one-hour individual consultation with me. [Read more...]