On reading for pleasure

I have always loved escaping into a piece of fiction. It really helps me shake off the demands of the week and slip into weekend relaxation mode. A couple times a year, I even pull an all-nighter (something I never, ever do for work) to finish a book from cover to cover—just for the joy of it. [Read more...]

Guest post – Dear Translator: Please pay your taxes!

I started as a translator and interpreter and now run an agency based in Arlington that serves nonprofits and mission-driven organizations exclusively.

Today I received a rather thick envelope from the IRS. Apparently, a translator who I used fairly frequently between 2005 and 2010 and for whom I submitted 1099-MISCs, had not paid some (or all) of his taxes and the IRS was approaching all those companies who had sent him work in order to levy his earnings. [Read more...]