Regional Brinkmanship and the Need for a Solid Russian Translation Service

Russia is back in the game of regional brinkmanship and power politics. Events and border disputes in Ukraine, Georgia, and around the periphery of Russia have a lot of folks on edge. While this might mean bad news for some, it’s actually pretty good news — in a strange and tragic turn of logic — for Russian interpreters and translators. The need for a solid Russian translation service is on the rise. [Read more...]

The Importance of Accurate Financial Document Language Translation

For businesses in the finance industry, accuracy is a crucial element of day to day operations. An inaccurate financial document can have lasting repurcussions for the client, finance company, and everyone else involved. While these things are bound to happen from time to time, there are a number of steps that can be taken to keep financial inaccuracies at bay. This is especially true when document language translation is necessary, as the chances of inaccuracies coming into play are much higher in this scenario than others.  [Read more...]

Becoming a Danish Language Translation Professional

Anyone who has a strong interest in language has likely considered the option of becoming a translator at one point or another. Indeed, the job of a translator can be quite rewarding, especially considering how it allows one to focus heavily on their language of choice and become more and more fluent as time goes on. If you feel particularly pulled to the Danish language, there are a number of things you can do to work toward a career in translation, even if you’d never thought you might take such a route in the past. [Read more...]

Language Translators and Major Historical Gaffes

Language translators are the unsung heroes of the world stage. They work very hard to ensure that documents are translated with accuracy. This in turn helps the cogs of commerce, international diplomacy, education, and cultural exchanges keep on turning. Even so, on occasion, language translators can mess up. Usually this can be corrected fairly easily, but over the course of history, there have been some spectacularly tragic translating blunders. Here are three big ones: [Read more...]