On-site and Telephone Interpreter Service Bill May Be a Game-Changer

California is known as a culturally diverse state. Close to 7 million residents admit to speaking little to no English, and the Spanish-speaking population is exceptionally high in comparison to other states in America. Even so, the state has a myriad of issues regarding interpretation services for residents, and the medical industry is perhaps one of the most affected by these problems. Soon, this could all change, as a new medical interpreters bill is moving forward.

The new bill would help to create 7,000 on-site and telephone interpreter jobs. This would help to ensure that hospitals are well-staffed with individuals that can provide these services to those who are unable to understand English. It’d be a true game-changer, as this is a problem that plagues not only California, but the rest of the country as well. As the bill moves forward, there are high hopes about what it would do not only for the economy (7,000 jobs certainly can’t hurt), but for the community of individuals who don’t identify English as being their first language.

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