One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation (yes this is possible and it’s a revolution) are on top of their game: and of google’s rankings, for those who don’t bother looking further down the list. This is how they advertise their company on the Internet and find some very busy … or quite naïve clients. Their choice of words is interesting to say the least, and their philosophy beyond human understanding. Only they have the capacity to translate at the speed of light, day and night, come hell or high water.

In French literature classes I used to do “commentaires de texte” where I was analysing language subtleties. Now in the merciless translation business world, it’s all about trying to understand what the hell is going on in the primitive/deviant minds of strange characters. Sometimes i have a good laugh at their expense. It was the case recently when I stumbled upon this funny website (funny but mighty I guess).

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